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Great Curve Acts supports the advancement of access to the arts and sciences through media, education, technology, dialogue, and collaboration. For more than a decade, Great Curve Films has produced both fiction and nonfiction films developed by filmmaker Madeleine Sackler that address a broad range of social issues including public education, the dictatorship in Belarus, mass incarceration, and more.


With each film, Great Curve Films enlisted production teams that engaged with a combination of audiences, nonprofits, and partner organizations to advance the films’ themes beyond the screen. Great Curve Acts is a continuation of those efforts.


Born from the belief that important ideas and innovative storytelling are within all of us, Great Curve Acts supports organizations and individuals interested in advancing the arts and sciences in a myriad of ways. Whether it be through programs in prisons, public schools, or other under-served populations, Great Curve Acts looks for opportunities to spark imagination and foster creativity. 

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